Domo is scary!

My brothers love to tease me with Domo because i just think that thing is scary looking.  My brothers and I attended the state fair in town and we were playing the pop the balloon and win a prize.  We won and we got a Domo as the prize.  I so did not want to touch it or see it. Seriously, i think it’s so scary looking! 😛  When we got to the car, they even sat it on the passenger seat, where i was going to sit, and it scared the crap out of me!  oh, the horror! haha.

Anyways, i woke up this morning, had to do the dishes, and that wasn’t enough, those darn brothers had to draw a domo on my car to scare me even more! Darn them!  Having to do the chores that they made and now this? Haha, lawv mas!  Once they get home from school, i’ll plan something for them! hahaha

Don’t you guys think Domo is scary looking?  Just look at that drawing? Scary i say! Scary!