The consequence

…of waking up late and no one’s home. I hate doing the dishes, i detest it! I would rather do homework than to do dishes. I’m not sure why i hate it, but i just hate it. I guess it’s another chore around the house cause i hate cleaning too. I will only do it if i feel that it’s too much, like too messy to look at. haha.

These past few days i’ve been sleeping very late and waking up early and so today was the only day that i can actually sleep in and i took advantage of it. Woke up this morning around 10am. Took a shower, got dress, everything and was just ready to sit at the computer and do some paperwork. I got hungry and came to the kitchen, and this is what i found!

Automatically i knew it was my old lady! haha or in fact MY BROTHERS! haha. Aish!  Ya know exactly where those dishes are going to, the “dish washer!” lOl. I’m so glad there is such invention where we can just put the dishes and and not even have to worry about it. haha. Yes, i’m lazy, but eh, if there is a much simpler way to do it, why not take advantage of it? 😛  I ended up doing the pots and the big dishes, those can’t fit the dish washer so i have to do it by hand.  on top of that, i gotta cook for my brother who is stuck at the laundramat.  I’m not sure what i’m going to cook for him.  Maybe fried eggs and fried noodles. Simple and sweet right?  To be continue…. hahaha