Ahh Txhaj will be in town!!!

Omgawsh! I seriously want to see him in person! I just think he’s so cute for a hmong guy especially a hmong actor! hahaha. Ofcourse, there’s many other that you would say are better, but i just absolutely love him! I just think he’s so cute! haha

So, i was walking to our nearby vietnamese store and i saw a flier!!! Txhaj Hawj will be in town on Jan 15th for a party!!! Omgawsh, i so want to go and see him!!! sadly, i won’t be able to see him when he’s in town since i would be on a business trip that weekend! How sad! my only chance to see him! ahhh! I’m going to go crazy! argh! Why that date? Why that time? Where has my time gone too! ?  ahhh!

Kuv tus txiv yuav tuaj tiasis nrog nws tsis tau li! *cries* Very sad. hahaha  Oh well, hoepflly there is next time!