General Vang Pao, a Great Hero

From what i’ve read, General Vang Pao will always be remember as the General to lead Hmong out to a better life by sending Hmong to America.  Those that are fortunate were able to get a better education, live a life or knowledge and improve the ways of living, much better than living in laos.  He was able to give us a opportunity to start out fresh. Though some of us may not appreciate it, but many of us do.  And we would like to say, “Thank you, General Vang Pao!”

It started with just being rumors that General Vang Pao died, but the truth has come out.  General Vang Pao was announed dead today, Jan 6, 201, and many friends and families around the world will be coming to see him one last time.  He appeared at the Hmong Internations New Year December 26, 2010 and afterwards was admitted to the Clovis Hospital where he had Pneomonia and some heart problems. 

It is still a shock to many hmong families and even my family.  We see him as a great man, a great hmong man that was able to lead us to America and around the world to live a better life.  Though many Hmong are still stuck in the jungle of Laos, but the Hmong here are trying to help.  We’re slowly evolving but it was General Vang Pao who took the first step to move out of Laos to live a better life.

It was a year ago when General Vang Pao was accused of attacking Laos.  A big rally was held on the day that he wen to court and he was found innocent. He and 10 other were accused of buying secret weapons and ship it to Laos to take over the land.  All that gibberish stuff did not stop Hmong peolpe in believing General Vang Pao was innocent. 

I want to wish his family and friends the best and RIP General Vang Pao! You will always be remembered!

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General Vang Pao
Born December 8th, 1929
Died January 6th, 2011
A true Hmong Hero!


*Note: All pictures were taken from google image.