Thank you, General Vang Pao

The death of our General Vang Pao is still a shocking news to me and to many hmong out there through out the world.  some may not have heard it yet and some are still thinking it’s a false statement.  Many are already packing to go and see him for the last time while i’ll have to wait and just see the news given from others.  He was a great man and now i seriously wont’ be able to meet him in person.  My only chance to meet him was a couple years back and who knows what I was doing.  I’ve learned one great lesson, don’t take for granted of meeting someone important and respected if they’re in town.  I sure did!

To our Great General Vang Pao: I want to say two words that means everything that i can say in my mind right now; “Thank You!”  Without you, my family wouldn’t be living how they are to this day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come and grow in a world that who knows i will ever get the chance to grow in.  Thank you for making the first step in proving, “Hmong means Free.”  Thank you for showing us Hmong that there is a better place out there. Thank you for putting your life on the line to find a better place for Hmong. Thank you for all that you have done for Hmong.  We are greatly appreciated of your effort and sweat.  I want to say “Thank you.”  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I dedicate this song to you since it shows all the greatness you have done for us Hmong and for what we Hmong have become.  Thank you!

Singer: Tsab Mim Xyooj
Song:Hlob Vaj Pov Tej Txiaj Ntsig

peb tsoom hmoob txhua leej txhua tus
Us Hmong, each and everyone
zoo siab ua tsaug rau lub ntuj
content and many thanks
ua tau pub peb Txiv Hlob Vaj Pov coj
that General Vang Pao is the leader
los ua peb haiv hmoob tus cob
Became the leader for us Hmong

vim  muaj peb Txiv Hlob Nais Phoos
Because there is General Vang Pao
nws tej me ntxiaj ntsig kooj hmoob
his sweat, effort and luck
ua ncev txheg ncev ntxhog los mus rau
with stregth and determination for
txhua haiv hmoob nyob thoob qab ntuj
all hmong around the world

nws hlub peb hlub hmoob
he loved us Hmong
thov hwv peb hmoob
he looked up to us hmoob
thiaj li nyob muaj koob
that’s why we lived with a name
nws thov kev rau peb sawv daws
he made the way for everyone
kom ua nyob rau lub teb chawv vam meej
in this world to live happily and content

peb ntsoov hmoob thiaj zoo siab kiag kawg
All of us hmong are very satisified
tsis hais yog tus hlob tus yau
for the young and the old
sawv daws zoo siab nqa tem ua tsaug
everyone’s willing to held their hand saying Thank you
rau peb Txiv Nais Phoom Vaj Pov
for our General Vang Pao

For those that would like a copy, DL here.