Light a candle for our beloved Father

Today, from morning to night, I’ve been up and running about. Left home this morning at 10am for an appointment and i got 2 applicants, than at 2:30pm left for a funeral and last but not least, left to HMAAO afterward to help with the preparation for General Vang Pao’s Memorial hosted by HMAAO to all Hmong in town.

Today, everyone that came lighted a candle in memory of our beloved father, General Vang Pao. From CA to MN all around the nation and the world, Hmong all over lighted a candle in memory of General Vang Pao.  I know the last couple of days I’ve posted non stop about General Vang Pao, but like i said from my last post, it’s still a shocker that he’s really gone.

We started off the event with board members, soldiers, and clan leaders walking into the room to give a flower to General Vang Pao.  I had the honor to hold the flower and walked in front to give General Vang Pao the flower of money and gold.  The president of HMAAO gave a speech to say thank you and goodbye to General Vang Pao.  I had a few tears here and there and as everyone was looking up front, you can hear others in the back crying and sniffing.  It was very heart breaking.  Heartbreaking knowing that such man, who freed Hmong, died.  It wasn’t long that we saw him talking and waving to everyone and now gone.  Everyone had a candle and was than lighted.  Slowly, everyone came up front and lowered the candle on the table in memory of our beloved Father, Txiv Nais Phoos Vaj Pov [General Vang Pao].  Stephen, Public Relations of HMAAO, came up and told the life of General Vang Pao; from his birth to current.  General Vang Pao had a lot of accomplishments and a lot of those accomplishements dealt with Hmong. The best one was leading Hmong out of Laos to live in a better place.

We than took a break and after, clips and videos were put on about General Vang Pao.  Again, you hear sniffing in the back.  Just being in the room was different.  I have to say, it is my first time feeling that Hmong loved Hmong.  Hmong from different clans, families and friends, to leaders were together as one, in one room and one thing in mind, General Vang Pao. We were actually together all thanks again to General Vang Pao.  He bought us to freedom and now us to be one.  Though it wasn’t long, but i hope us hmong can be like this from now on.  Know how to be one and love our people.  We all cried for one reason and we should stick together.

I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but i was there enough to be content about everything and especially what General Vang Pao did for us and for himself.  Thank you, I, Thank you for everythign you’ve done, Peb Txiv Nais Phoos Vaj Pov.  Farewell and please keep looking after us. 😀


My cousin sent me a Ciaj Sia’s song that he sang in honor of General Vang Pao. It’s so touching and definately what all Hmong are thinking about General Vang Pao.  The link is courtesy of Ciaj Sia. Enjoy! 😀

Singer: CIaj Sia Lis
Song;: Tsawg Ib Tug Zoo Neeg

His video that he made in honor of General Vang Pao
His DL link to this song, courtesy of Ciaj Sia

Zaum no, lub ntiaj teb yuav tsawg ib tug neeg zoo
This time, this world would have one less good person
Saum ntuj yuav ciaj ib leeg zoo neeg
In the sky there will be a good person
Yuav tsis rov, muaj lawm, ib tug yog nws
There won’t be anymore, one like him

Txij no mus, lub ntiaj teb yuav pluag ib tug neeg zoo
From here on, the world will be poor of one good person
Hauv nruab yeeb, yuav ciaj ib leeg zoo neeg
in heaven there will be a good person
Ceeb laj rov, ntsib dua, ib tug yog nws
You wouldn’t meeting again, one like him

Lub kua muag, yuav ywg tsis sawv
the tears, won’t poor to wake
Lub suab quaj, yuav seev tsis hnov
the cries, will cry but won’t hear
Lub teb chaws, nws haiv neeg
the world, his people
Yuav nco cia, yuav sau tseg
will be remember, be written down
Lub hwj chim, yuav ciaj sia mus
the ability, will always be alive
Hnub no, tsis kaj ntug
today, no morning
Vim hais tias, Haiv Hmoob, tsawg ib tug neeg zoo
because we Hmong, have one less good person

Txij tag kis, lub ntiaj teb yuav tsawg ib tug neeg zoo
From tomorrow on, the world will have one less good person
Saum ntuj ntsuab, yuav sawv ib tug zoo neeg
in the green sky, there will stand a good person
Nws lub kua muag, Poob
his tears will fall
Cawm tag Haiv Hmoob
inviting all Hmong.