Snow! Snow! Ahh Snow!

Can you believe it? It’s actually snowing here!? It showered a little yesterday night, but didn’t expect it will snow more and more the next day, which is today. This morning, it was showering snow, but

didn’t think it was going to last. It stopped for a bit, but snowed again after class this afternoon! I haven’t had the chacne to take some pictures, but this was taken this morning went my brother sent me to my class. I just wanted to show that there were snow this morning! haha

It actually snowed!  Though it was showering with snow this morning, but when i was out of class, the snow flakes got BIGGER!  I seriously love it! I’ll probably go and take some pictures of snow in the night when i get home. Gah, can’t wait! 😀 

It was scary driving in the snow since here in the south, they’re not too good as to what to do when snow comes.  Usually when it snows, school gets cancelled and even sometimes workplaces closes.  It’s that serious when it snows.  Too bad everyone is working and going to school today. We’ll have to see about tomorrow though. haha.  *crosses fingers* Hopefully classes get cancel tomorrow so that i can spend as much time with the snow! haha It’s been too long!

Darn you snow! WHy couldn’t you come during christmas instead! Oo, plus, i can’t wait to do some photoshoots in the snow. Can’t wait! haha