Secret Garden ~ Korean Drama ~ Review

My brother introduced me to this drama and it was already 14 episodes into the drama already.  My brother said that he enjoyed it and it was different from the other dramas.  It took a different approach though the storyline is somewhat the same from other korean drama.  I took a chance at it and just by the first episode, i got hooked and been watching it, waiting for the next subbed episode to be out.

This drama had everything from being very funny to just be very sad.  It had everything that you can ask for. Action to twists.  Each episodes has its own way of capturing you, as the viewer.  You seriously do not want to miss a single episode, that’s how good it is because if you do miss one, you’ll regret it.  It takes the previous episode to go into the next episode for you to see the whole thing.  I don’t know about you, but when i watch dramas, i can already see or know what happend so i tend to skip around and just watch what i think is good.  But with this drama, Secret Garden, Gah, i couldn’t miss a single one! cool thing about this is that when you think you got the whole story down, you don’t! It’s a twist at the very end of each episode, that’s why you can’t miss a single one of it! haha  You absolutely can’t miss the ending of each episode

Anyways, I just got done watching the drama and i had to do a review on it.  This has got to be the best drama i’ve seen so far of 2011. Ofcourse there are more dramas to come and who knows, it may beat this one but as of now, at this very moment, this drama is the best!!!  The character really grow on you and really draw your attention. Like mention, you can’t get enough of this drama! too bad it’s only 20 episodes long. If it was 50 or more, i will still watch it because it’s so worth watching!

The drama: Secret Garden
Main casts:

  • Hun Bin – Kim Joo Won
  • Ha Ji Won – Gil Ram im
  • Yoon Sang Hyun – Oscar [Joo Won’s Cousins]
  • Kim Sa Rang – Yoon Seul
  • Lee Phillip – Im Jong Soon

# of Episodes: 20
Synopsis: Credit – Emmertt
“Kim Joo Won is a perfect man with a great arrogance and confidence.  He seems very cocky in people’s eyes but he’s a very warm person.  He accidently mistaken Oska’s ex girlfriend, who is his older cousin/hyung, with Gil Ra Im, who is a stuntwoman.  Since their first meet, Joo Won has been thinking about Gil Ram Im.  He than starts getting close to her tring to understand this weird feeling he has.  Soon enough, he falls for her and so does she.  After many obstacles of getting close to Ram Im and telling himself that it wasn’t going to go no where, something happened.  Ram Im and Joo Won was in Jeju island. Joo Won, Oska and Ram Im made a bet riding dirt bikes, and who ever wins, their wish is granted.  Ram im ends up coming last and lost.  Joo Won set out to search of Ram Im since he thought he heard Ram Im scream.  After a while, He finds Ram Im and they both go deeper into the woods and found a chicken restaurant. A grandmother was there and after many talks and directions as to how to go back, the grandmother gave Ram Im and Joo Won two bottles of “medicine wine.”  Ram Im took it.  They both came back to their hotel and Ram Im told Joo Won to give one bottle of the wine to Oska, since Ram im is a big fan of Oska. Jokingly and jealous, Joo Won took the bottle for himself instead.  That night, Ram Im and Joo Won dranked the bottle fo medicine wine and the next day, something big happened!   Only way to find out what? WATCH IT! hahaha”

I would love to give out spoiler, but that woudl ruin the whole story for you. haha.

*sigh* It has finally ended! now, time to watch other dramas.

Kim Joo Won, my ideal man for now that is. hahaha