Friends are here for a reason

I want to make a special shout out to one of my bestest girl ever! SARA!!! You couldn’t make my day better! I woke up this morning and this is what i found!! [the picture] Sara, you’re such a sweetie, so sweet haha i won’t go there. My viewers will think i’m Bi or homo or something. lOl But it’s ok, I make it look hot! 😛 lOl.  I can’t thank you enough!

It started as a joke and BAM! It really came true!  Thank you so much Sara!  I’m waiting for her 3rd album to come in my mail next…hint hint..lOl..jk hun.  Thank you again!!! I’ll have to make it up to you when i come into town for the new year! Trust me, time will fly by so fast that it’ll be the new years again! You, karen, me, and everyone else that will be there, i’ll make it worth your time to  hang out with me! I’ll show you  a good time that you will probably drop that boyfriend of yours and gang with me in this single world! lOl. 😀  Dag xwb os tus hlub aws. hahahha.  But thank you so mcuh though Sara! Thank you!!!d You shouldn’t have too! haha

Well, viewers, she got me Ling Lee’s 1st Album with signatures and even a little thank you not which says, ” Nyob zoo, kuv yog Ling lee zoo siab ua nej pab kuv. ua tsaug.”  And she practically signed her name all over the cover inside and out! haha. but still loving it!

I think she has a beautiful voice for a Hmong Chinese singer.  usually hmong chinese singer has that high pitch voice when they sing, but for Ling Lee, it’s not too high but perfect. Love it. 😀

Anyways, i had to post about this!  Friends are here for a reason, to surprise and make your day, like mines today! Thank you Sara! 😀