Valentine Party ~ Decorations

So, being part of the board in the Hmong organization, they have put me in charge of their Valentine’s Day Party Decoration. This will be my first time decorating a party and hopefully it turns out well. Since the budget they gave me is $300, i will have to see what i can do. With 40 tables, i will have to think of something. So far, i have a rough idea as to how it would look like, but it may turn out quite plain.

Right now, i have ideas on how to decorate the stage. I’m thinking of outlining the stage with lights and covering the light with pink and red wrapping paper. For the background of the stage, I’m thinking of just getting something that is already made or those retails are selling; A big heart that says “I love you” or just even the word “love.” And around it to not make it look plain, cut out little confetti paper into flowers, red, white and pink. Than have couple of balloons on each corner of the stage to make it look nice. Simple eh? That’s what i’m going for. 😀 What do you guys think?

As for the table and chairs, well, I will only be decorating the tables. For table covers, it will be red and white. I was going to make it look simple by just putting candles in the middle and sprinkle the surroundings with confetti. And than place valentine candies around the candle and the confetti for the guests to snack on, though we are providing snacks and drinks.

Than at the entrance, I will decorate it with wrapping paper and putting something up saying, “Sib Hlub,” or something love dovey like, “Txiv Nraug Hli thiab Niam Nkauj Hnub Rov Sib Ntsib Dua.” hahaha.

But yeah, this is what i have so far with the decorations. I will most likely have to do some re arrangements. haha..Looking forward to it though. 😀