Hear and Read Hmong

As some of you already know, I have a little section where i post up random phrases said in Hmong. I’ve had many requests to put sound clips as to how you would say the phrase in Hmong since All i do is just write the phrase in hmong and put up the translation. With my little time, I wasn’t able to post up any anything for those that wanted to hear how it sounds like.

I’ve been meaning to post this up but never got the chance too.

Here are some of the programs, hmong sites that i usually give out to my non hmong friends for them to hear and use on how to say the phrase in hmong and even the definition.

Hmong Text Reader: Type in a hmong phrase and it’ll read out the phrase for you. If you put your cursor on the word, it’ll give you the definition of that word.

Hmong/English Dictionary: Type in a english word and it’ll give you the definition of it in Hmong and english. I usually turn to this one if i need a word in Hmong. This is usually a failure for me when it comes to those big english words that i’m trying to find a hmong word for.

Hmong Dictionary Software: And here is my absolute favorite! It’s actually a program that you can download and it does everything that the two sites above does. This one is much better when it comes to pronouncing the hmong words, the definination, etc… It gives you the whole thing. If you think this program is good, don’t forget to donate too, which i have. 😀

So, hopefully this answers all the questions and concerns that many of you might have. If there is anything else, do mention too! I would be glad to help out as much as i can. 😀

If you have a phrase, hmong word that you’re unsure of, drop a few lines and i will help to the best as i can. 😀