This darn addiction…

Hehe, I need to stop my addictoin! I should have done this earlier, but I’ve finally made my decision! I shall bann myself from Facebook for a whole month until I’m done with two of my fast track class! They’re killing me! Thank good ness i’m not taking three or I wouldn’t be alive. Fast track classes online is no joke! This is also my first time taking online classes too and i have to say, it’s a challenge. I don’t know how people do it though! But I had to give it a try. Gotta experience different things as much as one can since you only live once. 😀 The more experience the more you know about life right? haha

Anyways, After making my class schedule and seeing when things are due, I’ve decided to take away the number one thing that distract me, Facebook. Seriously, I’m prettysure i’m not the only one, but facebook is the one thing that i come on when i first get on the net. Isn’t it just sad? After facebook is my email and than here. That’s my usual routine on the net. Funny eh? What are your’s huh? 😛

So, in order for this to happen, to ban me from facebook, i’ve asked my trusted brother to change my password on facebook so that i won’t know how to get on and won’t know what the password is. Meaning, even if i’m on my phone, or anywhere, i won’t be able too. The only facebook account that i can get on is the youth’s facebook and that is only when my board members tell me to get on. I’ve told everyoen to either call me, text and or email me to get in contact with me, other than that, facebook is not a option!

This semester is going to fly by quick with all these assignments, reading, homework, discussions, etc…, with these classes!

I also want to mention, i won’t be blogging as much too, probably here and there until this semester is over. So for request, Im sorry, but when i get the chance, i will be sure to put them up. 😀 And those that are here for just the music, i will try to put up random songs off my playlist also. 😀

Hehe, doesn’t it sound like im going far far away? 😛 lOl jk.