Hmong girls held hostage

Ok, some of you that are reading what i have to say will get offended, but the other will agree with what i have to say.

But this has got to be the most funniest, stupidest thing ever that anyone can do! A friend sent me this clip and i couldn’t stop laughing about it. I don’t even think i will have the face to even go on the news and talk about it and say that i was related to those girls. LMFAO! Seriously, haven’t we seen or heard enough to repeat this stupidity? We aren’t so stupid anymore, atleast have some common sense!

Damn people, meeting people online, going out with them ONLINE and talking to them over the phone does not make you going out with them. OFcourse, there are some cases where online dating did work, but that’s just the 2%, the other 98% F A I L ! ! !

I’m not saying Hmong people are stupid, since i’m Hmong myself, but atleast make a better, wise decision. We’re not cautious at what we do in life and when we aren’t cautious, something like this happen. Anything could happen and something like this WOULD happen if we’re not cautious to who we meet, who we see, and who we talk too. This world is scary, though there’s many things that makes up the beauty of it, but we atleast need to be cautious.

Watch the clip below….

I just find it so ridiculous. Txaj muag tuag xwb os! Warning to those naive hmong girls, meeting people online and going out with them without knowing who they are really, beware!

I hope those girls or THAT girl learned her lesson. Txhob ua tug muaj muaj plhu es ntseeg ntseeg luag siab vim tias txog thaum kawg yuav zoo li no xwb! Seriously, think before doing something. It’s a life lesson that we all should know or have learned already. Who knows if the case would have been more serious.