Yesterday night, it was thundering, raining, and in some parts, it was hailing. That’s how bad the weather is before snow comes. I was awaken by screaming from my old lady telling my brothers not to go outside since it was freezing cold!!! I looked outside and it SNOWED!!! After so many prayers and begging, it actually snowed, A LOT!!! We’re suppose to get from 7-13 inches of snow, which is the most that we have had here in town! It’s quite rare to see snow and have it last till the next day because usually the snow will fall in the morning and later in the afternoon it’ll be gone. Sometimes, if we’re lucky enough, we’ll get snow and it’ll last till the next day and than be gone.

But this time, the snow will last for a good some days before it’s all gone! hahaa.

We can’t even go anywhere because our cars are stucked in the snow unless we go out and shovel it out, BUT it’s too COLD! haha. That’s one downfall about snow. Though it’s beautiful!

Let me say, we got a pretty good number of inches of snow. It’s still snowing at the moment while i’m writing this, but i’m just so happy it snowed. Why? Main reason is everything’s close! School, work, stores..etc..all CLOSED! We even had to close our bussiness to because no one will come in this weather. 😀

A good family day, today! 😀