Valentine Party – Decorations [Completed]

Upon my previous post: Decorations, I was in charge of the decorations for the party this past weekend because of Valentine’s Day. That weekend, there were numerous of parties but i had to stay at this specific party because I’m a part of the hmong organization here in town. Though i could have went to another party afterwards but i chose not to since i was dead tired. Anyways, i didn’t get the chance to really take the pictures that i wanted because my pop took my camera and took off without tell me. so sad.. I was so mad because i wanted to literally take pictures of my creation from the detail to the whole thing. disappointing!

Anyways, the pictures are taken by our historian of the youth group here in town. I had to get some pictures some how, especially of my creation. πŸ˜€ haha.

First off, the stage: For the background, we drew out a big heart out of confetti ribbon and wrote “Hlub” in the middle. From that, we set 2 sets of balloowns next to the heart and it looked great! Out in the front of the stage, we dragged a red plastic table cloth to cover up any wires connecting to the equipment and decorated it with christmas lights. Just perfect i say. Than from that we just added balloons to the corner. Although there weren’t much used, but it sure looked nice though. The balloons really made a difference. Gah, thank goodness i bought 36 balloons. If i had bought only 20, i would have been in trouble. haha.

second was the tables, round and long tables. Too bad the historian didn’t take any close up pictures of the decorations on the table. It was simple but it turned out good. What i had was a hand crafted flower made out of valentine wrapping paper and confettie rolls. It looked nice because i made each and everyone of them. I made 35 that took me a good 4 hours. It was worth it. Than i had plan too ust sprinkle valentine candies around the table and light up 3 small candles. You may imagine it looking plain, but really, it didn’t look plain. With the table cloths being white and pink for the round and the long tables red, i thought it looked nice.

And my last resort was my entrance. I thought it was cute and all, but too bad i don’t have any pictures of it. Grr.. What i did was make a way out of balloons, 8 balloons exactly, and tie them with the confetti rolls that was made into bows. It was very cute but no pictures. *tears*…

Anyways, it was dull since the party didn’t start till i would say 9pm because there weren’t much people there yet since there were other places that were partying too. But I had my share of fun and laughter. πŸ˜€

What do ya think about my decorations? πŸ˜›