Day 3: Happy Song

So, Day 3 is here and the challenge is to find a song that makes me happy; Day 3: A song that makes you happy.

I’m never told myself that this song made me happy and what not. It was more of, “ooo, i like the beat,” or “ooo the lyrics are nice.” Tha’ts about it, but nothign about being happy. From the top of my head, this was the song that popped into my mind. Why? because I’m always happy listening to this song since it brings back great memories!

singer: Boun Mee Lee
Song: Koj Puas Nco Kuv Li Kuv Nco Koj

Koj puas tseem nco kuv
puas nco wb kev hlub
puas nco txog kuv
li ua kuv nco koj

kuv tseem nco nco koj
xav hnov koj lub suab
nco koj txhua txhua
txhua txhua vi nas thib

kuv tseem nco nco koj
lub siab nyob tsis tu
kuv xav tuaj mus
tuaj mus ntsib koj

me leej kuv nco nco koj
pws tsaug zog los npau suav pom
koj puas hnov kuv lub suab seev
koj puas paub tias kuv nco koj

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