Ch 6 Interview Neng Yang

Ok, I’m going to speak my mind. Whether one agrees or not, call me selfish or ignorant, but this is what I see. Violence is the cause of problems and problems causes violence. This is exactly what happens between discriminating and hatred. Just one mention of hate, it automatically goes to discriminating against one. I do believe there needs to be justice for this. You can’t get away from just beating someone and make excuses afterwards. Dude, 6’1, 250 odd lbs, scared that a 5′, scrawny person will do such thing? Self-defense? OVER WHAT!? I’m just very upset over the beating part. How in the world do you call that a self defense? When you have your dogs running wild, especially after cars, and you’re upset about it? Are you serious? A dog may be a man’s best friend, but a human life is far more precious!! That’s the end of that!

Whether this is a hate crime or not, I do want to see justice made in this case. That man, Scott osborne, should be prosecuted by the law. he had NO RIGHT to hit someone and blame it on the dog. That is NO EXCUSE! Hitting is just wrong. Scott osborn just showed his son that violence is right by hitting Mr. yang! Sorry Mr. Osborn, but you are wrong in your actions and you must be punish for it! You may state that you’re a good man, but your actions just prove that you are not! if you so say that you only hit once and Mr. yang probably hit the car to get those broken ribs, well apparently that FIST of yours gave out so much strength that gave Mr Yang broken ribs.

*sigh*… Far from that…wheh, got that out of my system. Far from that, I’m more concern of the hmong community. How Hmong will feel about this case if no actions are taken. This may be a step to gathering Hmong here in town and or this may be a step down where hmong just let this situation go…. Sigh….

Channel 6 Interviewed Mr. yang and his Daughter translated. Click on the link to watch the video and or read the article.

Lori Fullbright, News On 6
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VINITA, Oklahoma — A Vinita man says he was beaten severely when he accidentally ran over and killed a dog.

He spent four days in the hospital, needed facial reconstructive surgery and his family wants the attacker arrested.

The victim had been checking his farm when he says three dogs ran after his truck.

He says he made it past them the first time, but on his way back, he heard a thump, looked in his rearview mirror, saw the dog and backed up. He says he apologized and offered to pay for the dog repeatedly, but was knocked out, and when he came to, was covered in blood.

Neng Yang’s family took pictures of his injuries at the hospital. In addition to shattered bones in his face, they say he has two broken ribs and bruises on his leg. He speaks English, but let his daughter do the talking, due to his pain.

“He has plates in his cheekbones, they reconstructed his nose, and shifted his jaw because it was not aligned,” Pashia Yang, Neng’s daughter, said.

Pashia says by the time her dad was backing up to the dog, the man and his son were in their vehicle, meeting him on the road.

“He got out of the car and apologized to the man,” she said. “The man said, ‘did you know you ran over my dog? He’s a thousand dollars’. Dad said, ‘I’m sorry, I’ll pay for it, compensate’. My father did see the son in the car and the son was crying and said I’ll pay for it.”

He says he came to and the man said, let’s shake hands and we’re cool, now don’t do anything stupid.

Lori Fullbright, News On 6: “What did your dad think that meant?”
Pashia, Victim’s Daughter: “To not call the authorities.”

The sheriff says the man admitted hitting Yang one time, but, Pashia says the injuries are too severe for that to be true. The family says Yang has lived here 30 years and never had a conflict with anyone.

“I can’t believe someone can be as heartless. This is so absurd,” Pashia said. “I never, ever dreamed anyone could do anything like this to anybody, any person, over an animal. I have an animal, a dog and I love him, but I could never do this to someone’s father or friend, you know?”

Craig County Sheriff Jimmy Sooter says the case will go to the DA on Wednesday.

He says 29-year-old Scott Osborn could be charged with aggravated assault and its possible Yang could be charged with reckless driving.

Sheriff Sooter says Osborn told investigators Yang swerved up into his yard, toward the dog. Osborn’s son and the sheriff say there were tracks in the yard. Yang says he was never in the yard, it all happened in the road.

The sheriff says Osborn, is around 6’1″, 250 pounds and said he was afraid Yang was going to hit him, so Osborn hit first.

Osborn also says Yang had a gun in his vehicle. Yang says it wasn’t loaded and he only carries it to scare coyote away from his cattle.