Channel 23 coverage over Vinita Incident

Channel 23 was able to broadcast the Sheriff’s statement, which i was quite upset about.  No matter what the case is, violence is not the key to settle any problem!  If the dog was so precious, it wouldn’t be roaming around so freely like that! Clearly, the dog wasn’t that precious.  Plus, like i stated, Osborne is a bad example for his son for beating up a person not even half his size!

And Mr. Yang may be charged with driving recklessly?  Uh, hello! Your dog is roaming freely, and there’s tire tracks on your front yard by Mr. Yang’s car? I don’t think so. You don’t freaken have a front yard! Nonsense!

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Reported by: Jamie Oberg
Last Update: 12:16 am

Craig County Sheriff’s Department is wrapping up an investigation after a man was severely beaten, after he hit and killed a Vinita man’s dog on E. 200 Rd.

“I would like to see this attacker behind bars,” Pashia Yang said. “I would like to seek justice for my father.”

It breaks 22-year-old, Pashia Yang’s heart to see pictures of her father, Neng Yang taken just days ago, when he was lying in a hospital bed, battered and beaten. 42-year-old Peng Yang suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs, his eyes were swollen shut; he is out of the hospital but now has to rely on a walker to get around.

Scott Osborn, 29 now faces possible felony aggravated assault charges for fighting with Yang to such an extent.

Last Tuesday around 6 p.m., Yang ran over Osborn’s Doberman while driving to a family farm when he turned down a dead-end road. Craig County Sheriff Jimmie Sooter showed FOX23 crews where the tire marks were, not far from where the alleged beat down took place. Yang reportedly got out to apologize to Osborn.

“He got out of his car and went up to Mr. Osborn, and Mr. Osborn thought he was going to do him harm so he hit him.” Sheriff Sooter said. “I’ve heard he was getting out to apologize… and Mr. Osborn said ‘it’s a thousand dollar dog.’”

“You’ve got to understand in the heat of passion, his dog was run over and killed,” Sooter said he knows pretty much everyone in the county and knows Osborn feels bad things turned so violent. “His [Osborn] son was in the yard as well and the car came very near his son.”

Eight days later, the Yang’s don’t understand why this isn’t an open and shut case.

“I don’t wish for anyone to ever have to go through what my father and what my family has had to go through,” Pashia said.

“I really hope the sheriff’s department will get to the bottom of this, and crack this open,”

Sheriff Sooter says investigations take time and responds kindly to Pashia’s plea for justice, “She wants justice served and we will do a very thorough investigation.”

She thinks the reason her father was beaten so badly has to do more with their race. Race she said is “a card” she “no one ever wanted to pull.” Pashia says her grandfather fought in Vietnam alongside U.S. troops and she thought the days of prejudices against her Hmong heritage, her father’s language barrier or the color of her skin were gone way before she was born. Now the family wants to know why no arrests have been made.

“If the tables were turned and my dad was the attacker my dad would have already been arrested, and sitting in jail.”

Sheriff Sooter says hate crimes have happened in his 12 years with the department and those cases were handled by the FBI, and says that would happen now if he thought Osborn hatred toward Yang’s race is what drove him to beat Yang.

“The FBI has contacted me and we’re in agreement it’s not a hate crime.”

Charges won’t come from the Sheriff Sooter or any Craig County Deputy investigating this case, “Once it leaves our office it’s no longer in our hands.”

Now he said it’s in the hands of the Craig County District Attorney, who must decide whether the man who put Yang in the hospital will face any charges.

“I’d like to see justice done, whatever is appropriate,” Sheriff Sooter said. “I can honestly tell her i do not think it’s anything racial, we will do our best to investigate.”

“The truth will prevail itself,” Pashia said.

Osborn could face charges of aggravated assault — a felony charge that could bring jail time or fines.

The Craig County Sheriff’s dept. says Yang could also get a ticket for reckless driving. The investigation is expected to be wrapped up, and on the DA’s office as soon as Wednesday morning.

A viewer called FOX23 and wanted to make it known, the land the Sheriff is “showing in the newscast, is not Scott Osborn’s property.” This viewer, who did not want to be identified, says it is where the incident happened, but that he would not want “any retaliation to come onto an innocent property.”