Update: Man arrested!

I seriously think the bond should have been higher. It took them more than a week to put this man behind bars, and on top of that, that very same day that he got arrested, he was out that afternoon. WTF! This is just BS right now. You can totally see that this is an excuse so that the Hmong community and even the public won’t rwar in their faces! Ugh, so disgusted!

Update of Neng Yang’s incident and what was done to solve the problem:

UPDATE: “Our investigation was thorough as we worked closely with MR. Yang’s family. We completed and filed our reports with our Assistant DA’s office. The ADA’s office reviewed the reports and issued a warrant to which we arrested Scott Osborn on this morning (03/10/2011) for felony aggravated assault and battery which carries a $15,000 bond.” — Craig County Sheriff’s Department

The article: Read the orignial here.
CRAIG COUNTY — A Craig County man was arrested Thursday for brutally beating another man who ran over his dog, the Craig County Sheriff’s Office said.

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Scott Osborn, 29, was booked on a complaint of aggravated assault and battery. He bonded out of jail Thursday afternoon.

Osborn is accused of running over Neng Yang after Yang said he accidentally ran over and killed Osborn’s dog.

Yang said he apologized and offered to pay for the dog, but Osborn knocked him out. Yang said he was covered in blood and suffered shattered cheeks and nose and two broken ribs.

Osborn told deputies he was afraid Yang was going to hit him so he punched first.

Osborn is expected to go to court next Wednesday, March 16th, 2011.