LMFAO. So, if you havent’ seen this or heard of this yet, you’re missing out. It’s so sad to see how people stereotype others so bad and yet, they haven’t even looked at themselves! What really pssed me off is, she had the F’n guts to talk about the Tsunami in Japan! LIke, WTF!! Are F’n serious? The guts to say such thing! Anyways…I told myself that i was NOT going to post or rant about this video of some lame chick, especially coming from a blond, but I couldn’t help myself to share this with everyone. lOl.

So, apparently, the chick’s youtube account and video have been deleted. Poor girl, she must have been smashed with hate from all different race, including her. I wonder what happen to her at school. Clearly, racist thing happen to her. IT’s just human nature to NOT let such thing like this go. I give her props to posting this publicly, but stupidity for everything. lOl.

Anyways, here is the clip from others that got hold of her clip:

I couldn’t stop laughing at the response to her video. It’s so hilarious. What i found very ironic about her video is when she mentions about manners and family. She mentions that her mother taught her manners, but from what i see, her mother did not teach her the correct way of manners. If she had manners, she wouldn’t do such and put up a video on youtube. Than the mention of family. LMFAO. It got me cracking up good! Apparently she doesnt’ have a family to start with that’s why it bugs her when other family comes and visit them. Poor girl, no family, no love = the video she post up.

Apparently, manners and family depends on their culture, in what they believe. Sadly to say, this chick needs to learn a few manners and family before speaking of such. Apparently her mother didn’t raise her up right. Poor thing…

Anyways, this vblog just said everything in my mind. I cracked up the whole entire time to his response. LFMAO.