Japan, my condolences

It’s a tragic that such disaster exist and destroy many families; losing love ones, friends… All we can do is help as best as we can when they are in need.

What really tears me apart is that we have people who still hold grudges and don’t know how to let it go. Numerous of people are just too much to be connecting the tsunami in Japan to Pearl Harbor. What happen is tragic, but that was so long ago. It should be remembered but not brought up again. Negative thoughts should be put in the back and let positive thoughts come up front. It’s the only way to see the beauty of the world and have a open heart.

What i’m trying to say is that I recieved this in my email and also on my facebook. Just reading the comments got me angry, upset, sad, mad! i mean you name it, that’s what i’m feeling. It really upsets me that we still have people who thinks like this. no wonder this world can never have peace. No one can get along…