Update: The hearing

Update! Today was the first court appearance of Osborn in Vinita and i had the chance to meet with Pashia and her family. Her father, Neng Yang, looks a lot better, able to walk without the walker but as he talked you can hear that his strength is not there. You can barely hear him when he speaks. Numerous of hmong people came from Tulsa, ok, Missouri and kansas to support Neng Yang. We all wanted to see Justice being made and to see if the law will do its duty.

I was able to go in and listen to what the judge had to say. Basically the Judge read him his charges, what he was being charge of and told OSborn that he have until April 15th to plead his case. till than he’ll need to either talk to a counselor or have an attorney. If he doens’t show up on the 15th, his case is dismissed and will be charge. Just to let you all know, he is charge under a felony instead of a misdemeanor. This is why his preliminary is moved to the 15th of April.

You can go to this link to watch Fox 23 news clip.

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A Vinita man accused of beating up another man for running over his dog made his first appearance in court today.

Only FOX23’s Jamie Oberg was in the courtroom for the initial appearance.

Members of the Hmong community from across Green Country held signs outside the Craig County Courthouse to show support and want justice served.
Youth group members from the Hmong Association of Tulsa held signs saying “We want justice served,” “Get Well Soon” one read, “We don’t hate you Scott, we hate what you did.”

Scott Osborn made his first appearance before a judge Wednesday.
This is 42-year-old Neng Yang was hospitalized for days following a beating he took after running over the defendant’s dog.

“I was shocked about what happened,” protestor, Ya Thao said. “I mean over a dog?”

Yang is out and will see osborn for the first time since Scott Osborn reportedly hit him for killing his dog.

“He is a little worried about it, has some fear,” Yang’s daughter said.

When Yang arrived, he was greeted by a lot of Hmong Youth and Elders supporting him.

“I’m here to see that justice is served,” protestor, Maisee Lor said.

It’s not just local supporters, but hundreds of people nationwide have clicked to support Facebook pages for Neng Yang, one Facebook page protests Osborn.

“A lot of us are mad and angry about what happened, but a lot of us aren’t mad at him,” Many Yang said.

Many Yang does not think Scott Osborn committed a hate crime.
She says the real-racial crime happened afterward; she says it took too long for law enforcement to make arrest a 29-year-old white man for brutally beating an older Hmong man.

“Our blood is red, the same as you, we have a heart, we’re the same as everybody,” Many Yang said.

They want the justice system to work the same way for everyone regardless of race.

Maisee Lor was at school in Tulsa when she heard about what happened, she’s never met the victim but says it’s not about that.

“I was pretty shocked to see a Hmong man was beaten up, but at this point I can’t say who’s right or who’s wrong,”

Hmong Association of Tulsa is keeping an open mind about Osborn, because it’s innocent until proven guilty…for everyone.

Shortly after Yang was released from the hospital his daughter said the truth shall prevail.

We tried to ask Scott Osborn if he had anything to say about this as he walked out of court. Community members and family have contacted FOX23 saying we needed to get his side of the story, and that Scott is not racist and is a good man. Supporters of Scott Osborn who contacted us say his attorney has advised him not to speak to anyone from the media.
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