KDWB – Hmong Song

I’ve been hearing this story for some time now and just never really posted anything about it. At first, i didn’t really want to say anything, but it seems that it’s getting big to the point where there is going to be a rally on it this Saturday in front of the KDWB’s building.

Some are taking this as a humor and majority are taking this song serious. I wanted to post up the song but it seems that the song has gotten so many negative attention that all the songs made by KDWB’s radio show has been deleted. I was able to find a link to a blog that posted up the song. You may go here.

My thoughts on this is, i find it a good thing that hmong people are able to unite to stand for something they all believe in. From the way i see it, things like this has gone by for too long that no one made a stand. now it’s time to make a stand and really stand for what is right. if i was in MN, i would join the rally and see what everyone has to say.

I came across this youtube video and it touched me. This song really made a big impact on the hmong community to unite and stand against racism.

I’m impress that it’s just not hmong people but other race that stood up too.

After reading some articles and comments, what really bugged me was the “apology” that the radio wrote out.

“KDWB-FM and the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show are very proud that members of the Hmong community are some of our most loyal listeners and fans.

Our listeners understand that The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show is a comedy show meant to entertain, and that much of its content is parody. While we’ve received positive feedback many Hmong listeners who let us know that they found the song in question very humorous, we apologize to anyone we may have inadvertently offended, as this was never our intent.

We appreciate the support we continue to receive from all of our listeners.

The Dave Ryan in the Morning show
101.3 KDWB
Minneapolis/St. Paul”

It was after this that caught my attention that they intentionally sang the song. To say that many hmong enjoyed the song and apologized to those that got offended? If they were truly sorry, they wouldn’t write this. i found this very offensive. This is where i was quite upset about the song. It was just not on call for.

What are your thoughts?