Continuation of Neng Yang’s Case

Today at 9am, Scott Osborn will be making his statement whether he is guilty or not. I was not able to go but i will know after 9am. Once it’s over, i’ll be sure to share the news and what everyone plans to do. So stay close. 😀


I was just informed that the hearing has been moved to May 19th @ 9am because Scott Osborne didn’t have an attorney.

*sigh* Another wait. This will not be an easy case to settle. All we wanted to see if he was going to plea guilty or not and now we’ll have to wait till than. *Sigh*

Here is an article by New 8 that covered the hearing today, although not much was written since there weren’t much to write about. Due to the weather inclement down here, they weren’t able to go but we were lucky to have them mention about this.

Posted: Apr 15, 2011 4:21 PM CDT Updated: Apr 15, 2011 4:21 PM CDT
posted by: Dan Phillips – email

A Vinita man is in court charged with a brutal beating.
The suspect is accused of attacking a man who ran over his dog last month in Craig County.
Scott Osborn, 29, allegedly beat up Neng Yang along a rural road.
Yang says he got-out of his car to apologize for hitting Osborn’s dog.
That’s when Osborn started punching him.
Dozens of people from the Hmong community were at the courthouse in support Friday morning.
Osborn is set to be back in court may 19th. He’s charged with felony assault and battery.

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