Goodbye JoongKi

I’ve been watching the korean variety show running man ever since it aired and i just love it since it’s the closest thing to Family Outing. Although i’ve been watching the english subbed one, i can’t help but watch ahead too. Just today, as i watched episode 41, Joonki announced that he will be leaving the show, the first ever to leave the show. It hasn’t been long, but it has been almost a year once it hits July. Joonki left too soon, but he left due to his movie that he will be casting in. We hope he comes on as a guest in the future shows! Hwaiting Joonki!

orignial Post

Having first joined the program less than a year ago, actor Song Joong Ki has announced that he will be leaving SBS’s “Running Man.”

The actor completed his final recording on April 18th and officially announced his departure then.

A representative of his agency stated, “It was a difficult decision to make for him, but he felt that he needed to focus on his acting more after his movie filming. He’s developed such strong bonds with the castmates, so he’s very upset. Song Joong Ki completed his final recording on the 18th and did the best he possibly could. Please look forward to the broadcast on May 1st.”

His replacement is currently undecided. PD Jo Hyo Jin stated, “We haven’t thought of making an addition yet. For now, we’ll be going ahead with the members that are left.”

Song Joong Ki is currently working on “Every Little Makes Romance” with Han Ye Seul.