Txiv Nplooj Siab 2 ~ Movie Review

It breaks my heart when i hear parents being mistreated by their very own child/children. Doesn’t it break your heart? Sometimes, parents can be unreasonable but that isn’t an excuse to be rude and hateful towards your own parents. What i realize, us kids take our parents for granted. We can’t see the big picture and don’t realize that they’re th eones that did everything in order for us to survive to even live till this very day. I’m grateful towards my parents and i’m grateful to be their child. i know i’ve done them numerous wrongs and i’ve accepted it. I love them! πŸ˜€

Anyways, if you have nto watched “Txiv Nplooj Siab” the first movie, you’re missing out. It’s such a great movie! I did a review on it here. Now, i’ve been wanting to watch the second movie: Txiv Nplooj Siab 2 and i happen to stumble upon it on youtube. It just came out in the beginning of the year and i have to say, it’s so amazing and good! Just as good as the first part. You would think the second part is a sequal to the first part, when really, i don’t find it is because the only characters that are the same is the Phab Ej which is Meng, and the father. The rest, they’re all different.

In this movie, Meng is reborned into a new family. When Meng was a baby, he cried and cried because he didn’t like the name that was given to him until it was changed to Meng. In gradeschool he realized how much his father works to support the family so every day afterschool he’ll go straight to his father to help sell food off their cart. His father was sent to school to talk to Meng’s teacher and he was told that Meng, his son, was a very good student and can do changes for the community. His father was quite glad and began to give Meng money to use but Meng realized how much his father had to work and gave back the money his father gave him.
Rates: 4/5

And omgawsh, the songs in here are just wonderful! Mykurt’s new MV is coming out this July

and i’m ready to get my hands on it too! Ahh, can’t wait!

I won’t tell everything, but as you can see, this is a movie where it just shows you the hard ship your parents or every parents go through to make a living and help raise you and your siblings. If you haven’t seen it or watched it, now you can!

Someone was nice enough to upload it onto youtube. Enjoy! Tell me your thoughts about this movie. πŸ˜€