My Regards to Joplin, Missouri

As many of you have heard, tornadoes have been seen throughout the central part of the US. As i sit here typing this, the weather outside is scary. It’s been cloudy all day and i have not seen a single sunlight. Joplin, MO, was hit the hardest over the weekend. Over 100 people have been killed and numerous have been hospitalized. Joplin is not that far from here, about a 2 hour drive, but it’s just disastrous seeing the pictures taken, especially the aftermath. I was watching the news earlier and cried. I’m so thankful none of my family members were hurt nor injured or even missing. My regards goes to all family members that have lost their loved ones or those that are hurt. My prayers will be with you all.

My father and i were discussing that we would like to donate to Red Cross to help those in Joplin. Hopefully tomorrow we stop by Red Cross to give them our check and 10 packs of water. it’s not much but it’s enough to help any family that have lost their home. May you all stay safe!

Original Article:
“Joplin death toll rises to 122
The Kansas City Star

JOPLIN, Mo. | The death toll in Sunday’s tornado rose to 122 today, and two more survivors were pulled from the rubble, bringing the total to nine.

In earlier reports, Gov. Jay Nixon had said 17 people had been rescued. Those reports were incorrect.

At a news conference this afternoon, Joplin officials also updated the number of injured, saying 750 people had been treated at hospitals.

Search and rescue crews today took advantage of the first sunny day since the tornado hit, combing through debris and crumbled buildings and residences.

Eleven of those killed Sunday died in the Greenbriar nursing home. Bill Mitchell, a senior vice president of Health Facilities Management Corp. in Sikeston, which ooperates Greenbriar, said that 10 patients and a staff member were killed by the tornado.

Joplin authorities wouldn’t estimate how many residents are still missing. Because of poor cell phone service, some family members haven’t been able to contact their loved ones who survived the storm. Also, some residents just left the area and haven’t come back.

In the past two days there have been reports of cries for help coming from piles of rubble. But Rohr said those were not confirmed once those areas were searched.

FEMA officials have started making contact with storm victims and the agency’s deputy director said FEMA is here for the long haul.

“We are not looking at dollars we are looking at search and rescue,” said Rich Serino, FEMA’s deputy director.

Nixon said President Obama is expected to tour Joplin this weekend. Officials are planning his trip now.

Officers from several agencies across Missouri and Kansas are here in Joplin helping with patrol and rescue efforts. While helping with patrols last night, two officers were struck by lightning.

One of the officers was from Riverside and remains in the hospital with critical injuries.”

As i mentioned above, the weather outside is scary because Oklahoma is being hit with Tornadoes. We are under a tornado watch as of right now. Right now, news just got out that it has hit Oklahoma City, which is about 2 hours away from Tulsa too. Two have been killed and 3 children critically injured. Please pray for us living in the central area of Oklahoma! For we are praying for ourselves too!

Original Article:
“OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Two people were killed and three children were critically injured Tuesday when a series of tornadoes rolled through Oklahoma City and its suburbs during the rush hour, authorities said.

Canadian County emergency director Jerry Smith said two people died when the storm hit El Reno and Piedmont in his county just west of Oklahoma City. He did not have details of how the people died.

Two storms raked the southern side of the city — in the same area hit May 3, 1999, by the strongest tornado ever recorded.

Spokeswoman Lara O’Leary of the region’s Emergency Medical Service Authority said three children suffered major injuries at Piedmont. She said there had been some type of gas explosion near El Reno and that emergency workers were dispatched.

The storms began about 3 p.m. in western Oklahoma and followed tracks greater than 40 miles into the state capital. State offices and a number of businesses let their workers go home hours earlier so they could be out of harm’s way.

Interstate 40 was closed west of the city as the storm crossed the roadway near suburban El Reno, and state police were checking reports of damage at a home.

Another tornado touched down in the rural Oklahoma town of Canton, and search dogs were called out to find survivors. There were no immediate reports of injuries there.”