The Mountain Midwives of Vietnam

I wanted to share this clip or story of a Hmong woman, Ying, living in Vietnam who undertook 18 months of studying of how to give birth. She goes to various villages in the northern part of Vietnam and tries to convince the ladies there to come to the clinic to give birth instead of giving birth at home. Ying goes through the complication of convincing the Hmong family in letting their daughter in law, wife, daughter, etc, to go to the clinic to give birth there first. ying helps translates between the Hmong ladies and the Vietnam people.

This clip bought me in tears because, i mean, you know that our people are still very poor, living in poverty basically, and seeing this clip it makes you realize how much education can really open someone’s eyes. in this clip, you can see that Ying is worried about these pregnant ladies and no matter how hard, she tries to convince the family the danger of giving birth at home. This is something that i wish to do for our Hmong people back in our homeland. This just strive for me to do much better in my studies and when i’m done, i shall pursue my wish and goals in life and that is to go back to where i was originally born and help education my Hmong people.

I hope you all enjoy this clip because i sure learned a lot. Leave your comments below to, will you. 😀 I’d love to read what you have to say and think of this video. 😀 Thank you!

CAUTION: If you have a weak stomach, don’t watch. they do show the birth of the baby.

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