Mr. Neng Yang: Update 06/16/2011

Here is an update of Mr. Neng Yang’s case, or more of the status of Scott Osborn’s criminal case. No matter how many times they postpone the date, we, as the hmong community, will not get tire and we will find justice. Scott, don’t think that this time you’re off the hook because next time we will come as a bigger and stronger group!

This morning at 9am, a bunch of supporters went to Vinita to help support Mr. Neng Yang and to see the justice that we hoped for. Instead, what we had is another postpone date which will be September 1st. It was very frustrating since we wanted to hear a plead be taken place, but turns out, it’s just another postpone date. We sat in the court room where Osborn was sitting across from us and every few minutes he will turn and stare at us which showed me that he isn’t scare of the law, which he should. This is very upsetting and very frustrating. hopefully when the date comes we get justice!!!

Coverage from News channel 8!: click here for original
“posted by: Latoya Silmon – email

Vinita, OK –

The journey to justice for Neng Yang started almost four months ago after he accidentally ran over a dog. He says the owner broke his ribs and fractured his face in retaliation.

His accused attacker, Scott Osborn is still a free man. After a stalled investigation, Osborn’s hearings keep getting delayed. “He’s very frustrated with the time frame and the hold up of the process. It’s taking too long. He doesn’t feel that they’re treating him right under the law,” said Linda Lor with the Hmong Association.

With, a show of solidarity outside the Craig County Courthouse Thursday morning, the Hmong community came to his defense. Along with a Tulsa pastor named Leonard Bush. “It’s my great hope that justice finds it’s way to being done,” he told News Channel 8. Members of the Hispanic community say they won’t rest until that happens. “The man was left for dead, and it doesn’t send a good message to the community. If we don’t stop it now, it will continue,” said Tina Pena.

Court records show Osborn is due in court September first. He’s charged with aggravated assault and battery.”

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