Tulsa First Annual Sport Tournament

So, this past weekend, Tulsa held their first Annual Sport Tournament. There was more people than i expected since the Youth group was out there selling Nava and Boba Tea. We made a good profit out of the budget that we sent out for. 😀 Woot! Although it was hot and stuffy, it was so fun and just so worth it since we were all together just enjoying ourselves. I learned to make Boba for the first time. Grinding ice is hard. lOl. I became a MASTEr at making Nava! lOl. Can’t wait till next year, i’ll be ready by than. lOl.

Anyways, i was able to go out and look at the booths and wow, there were so many great MV’s, CD’s out this year by all my favorite artists. I probably spent over 100 dollars just on MV’s itself. 😀 I thought it was worth it. So prepare yourself for some new MV’s from Suab Nag, Nkauj Hli Vwj, Neeb Ham, Nkauj Qhua Yaj, and so much more…. I’m excited to share these with everyone. 😀 I would put up the instrumentals to for the songs that i share. 😀 Khekhe Can’t wait. 😀