Hmong Tulsa Collaboration

This was inspired by Kong and Shu’s collaboration of “Hmong Yuav Tsum Hlub Hmoob.” Local talents came together here in Tulsa and wanted to do the same thing. We all got together, discussed and we wanted everything original from the instrumental to the lyrics. We spent a good five hours on the lyrics just trying to put together everything. And spent a good whole day recording the song. We went from strangers to a big family that this became a big impact in our live; The first ever hmong collaboration in town. Definitely an experience that will never be forgotten. This collaboration consists of five boys and five girls; Sukie Lee & Dolly Moua, Tupao Xiong & Sunny Lor, Michael Vang & Shillbe Lor, Gary Lor & Para Chang, Cher Thao & Melissa Vang. It’s s such a pleasure meeting them and working with them all! These are just the vocalists but you can’t forget those that helped managed the whole thing; Nhia Vang, Kong Yang, Lasia Xiong and Joua Xiong.

Everyone played a part of this song, the making of it, everything!

Check out the little teaser! Once they perform and i have them on tape, i will definitely share teh whole song with you all! 😀

Credits to Melissa Vang for filming and putting this clip together! Woot!