Nis Yaj ~ Vim Koj Ua Roj Qeeb Hneev Lig

Nis’s voice is quite soothing. She did a lot of covers on youtube and she finally had her release of her debut album. The album wasn’t bad actually, although it’s just the same as every other artists with their first album. She did a cover of Toua Yang’s song: Khuv xim tsis tau deev, which wasn’t bad either. Her 2nd album is in process so it might be out by the end of the year or sometime next year. I wanted to get her MV, but the lady said that it wasn’t out yet, so i got the album. Anyways, enjoy this single of hers. πŸ˜€ This was the only one that i found unique in lyrics from her album. πŸ˜€

Singer; Nis Yaj
Song: Vim Koj Ua Roj Qeeb Hneev Lig

Description: She’s been waiting for her boyfriend to come and propose to her, but she couldn’t wait anymore. She than made the decision to go off and get marry to someone else. She’s telling her boyfriend not to be mad or upset with her but because of him, that’s why she made the decision to go. Not respecting her, not looking after her, she had enough. Althoug she loves him dearly but because she’s not a man to come and take him away.

Vim koj ua roj qeeb hneev lig
koj thiab li tsis tau kuv los ua koj sev
koj txhob tu siab nawb mog nraug hmoob siab deb
yog tseem tshuav tiam tos ntev kuv mam rov los ua koj tug

vim koj saib kuv tsis muaj nqis
kuv thiab txiav txim siab mus ua luag tug lawm
kuv hlub koj kawg tiasis vim koj pheej ua siab phem
kuv thiab tu siab los ntev kuv thiab li ua siab tso koj tseg

nyob zoo koj mog
leej nus hmoob tus neeg kuv hlub
wb txoj kev sib hlub
cias muaj tso nrog huab cua tshuab mus
txhob nco txog kuv lawm kuv thiab mus ua neej kaj siab
koj twb tsis muaj siab hlub tiag
es wb thiaj tsis sib tau

txhob tu siab mog tus kuv nco
kuv hlub hlub koj los tsis yog ib leej tub
es yuav tuaj rub tuaj cob koj ua kuv li
vim koj rov qeeb hneev lig thiab tsis sib tau
koj ua ib siab mog

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