The Kong and Shu Project

I have to admit, although you like an artist or band, you cherish them more after spending time with them! Seriously! After a long year wait, or in my case, forever, i finally got the chance to meet with The Kong and Shu Project! OKHY Finallly invited The Kong and Shu Project to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and wow, they are two wonderful guys, so down to earth. You would have thought that it would be awkward or uncomfortable, but right from the start, Kong and Shu just made you lose all that and made you feel as if you’ve known them forever!  After spending some time with them, you realize why they’re well known and how a lot of people love them.  It’s not just because of their music, but because of who they are and how they are around people.  Their character, attitude, the way they talk, smile, these two really showed what an artist is all about.  They definitely inspired Tulsa to keep the “Hmong Movement” going forever.  Such inspiring people. We hoped we’ve inspired and pushed them forward too, i believe we did so. 😀  Thank you Kong and Shu for making it out to our little town call Tulsa, Oklahoma. Can’t wait to see you guys back in town!  This whole past weekend, i’ve been inspired more and more by the people around me and Kong and Shu were definitely a great push of inspiration!  Until next time, WOOT!, Can’t wait to see you both again!
Shout out: Mozemoua! I got to see Kong and Shu Project perform LIVE! Muahahahha. I remember you saying that you have never seen them perform live, but guess what, I DID! lOl