Hmong Tulsa Collaboration

After spending almost 2 months on this song, we were able to go on stage and perform it live. Although we were having some technical difficulties, we still pushed through it and sang our hearts out!  Although i was in the crowd smiling and cheering for them, i couldn’t help but be proud of them all! We worked so hard, after numerous of times getting together, the big day came! I’m so proud of them though! Gah! Can’t wait till we hit up the new year! BAM! We’ll show everyone our talents and passion for our hmong people!

Below is a video of the live performance. It was just acoustic with two guitars playig while everyone sang without mics.

From beginning to end, singing;

Sukie Lee & Dolly Moua
Tupao Xiong & Sunny Lor
Michael Vang & Shillbe Lor
Gary Lao & Para Chang
Cher Thao & Melissa Vang

Background singers: Maisee Lor & Joua Xiong
Piano: Kong Xiong
Guitar and the one that worked on the instrumental: Nhia Chang
Last but not least, moi, Lasia Xiong their Manager! 😀

Glad to be part of this collaboration here in town!