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Kuv Xav Hnov Koj Hais [I Do] ~ Tupao Xiong

Tupao’s out with another original piece of his. The instrumental is credited to Koua Xiong but for the melody and lyrics, original by Tupao Xiong. I have to say, guess I’m not in… Continue reading

Khuv Xim Tsis Cia Koj Deev ~ Nis Yaj

After a request and thought about posting this song up, i decided to do it. 😀 Anyways, here is Nis’s cover of Toua Yang’s Song : Khuv Xim Tsis Tau Deev. At first,… Continue reading

Suab Nag Yaj ~ Hmoov Zoo Tau Hlub Koj

As requested. This is such a nice song. I remember playing this song over and over again and in hope to find that good person. Sadly, i haven’t found him yet, but still… Continue reading

Nkauj Hli Vwj ~ Cas hloov Tsis Tau Cia Kuv Ua Tus Mus

I don’t know, but i like her first album than her second. Though her voice is still beautiful like always. 😀 Her first album had more MPHM in it, if you know what… Continue reading

Nis Yaj ~ Vim Koj Ua Roj Qeeb Hneev Lig

Nis’s voice is quite soothing. She did a lot of covers on youtube and she finally had her release of her debut album. The album wasn’t bad actually, although it’s just the same… Continue reading

Lub Siab ~ Pagnia Xiong Ft. Duce Khan

I’ve had this album for some time now and just haven’t gotten the chance to put my thoughts in it. 😀 You really have to love the music from ERE! Their artists are… Continue reading

Da Players ~ Zam Lub Txim

Who knows how long its been since “Da Players” stopped with their music. It’s been a while, if i have to guess, almost 10 years. They’re back! New! Fresh! Something with a different… Continue reading

Nco Xamneur ~ Meej Thoj

So, after taking a listen to this album, i didn’t like it. It was TOOO MELLOW for me. the only song that i like is the one that i’m sharing. His first two… Continue reading

Lee Kong Xiong ~ Cuag Yig Quas Kev Hlub

As requested! i don’t know about ya, but i find this song disturbing. I mean, it’s great that he sings that he’s going back to his wife, but why make such move in… Continue reading

Nkauj Noog Hawj ~ Khob Dej Nchuav Yawm Tsis Tau

I found this song to be quite sad especially the metaphor used in it. I love it when one talks in metaphors because it gives you such a good picture as to waht… Continue reading