Translate, Please!

I may not be the best, but I’m willing to help in anyway to assist you in any Hmong to English or English to Hmong translation you may have.  Sometimes you just need something quick and a explanation of what something means, well, I will be willing to help assist you. :)

Leave a comment below or you may email me at [] . I usually check on this blog and my email daily, so you may get a response from me the very same day or if not the lastest will be the next day.

Here are some sites that i use that I see is quite helpful!

  • Hmong Dictionary:    This is by far the best Hmong dictionary i found online.  It translates both Hmong and English word.  By far, the translation of words on the site is quite accurate.  You’ll definitely love this site!
  • Hmong Text Reader:   If you can’t read Hmong, this is the site for you. it will literally read the Hmong words back to you.  If you put your cursor over the Hmong word, it’ll even tell you the definition of the word.  I’ve introduce this site to all my friends and sure enough, they’re learning how to read and write just off of this site!  You literally will fall in love with this site!
  • Hmong Dictionary Software:  If you’re wanting something right off of your computer, download this program with a donation of $5, you get this great program on your computer.  It practically have everything that you need to learn and understand Hmong.  Great for useage when you just can’t seem to find the right word or meaning of a word. Love it!