What? Who? Emmer-TT?

We’ve been establish since 2009 but been on a hiatus since 2012.  After almost two years, we’re back in action again.  We’ve been getting a lot of requests on songs, lyrics, and even translation service.  We really didn’t think our blog was going anywhere with our updates on hmong music, but it seems like a lot of other sites have died down as well.  Now that we have more time and can actually keep this going, we decided to come back and help assist you in everything we can.

So, to answer some questions about our name….

“What do you do here?”
– We mainly review Hmong albums, post up classic or new singles from various artists, practically update you on Hmong albums!  We also write out lyrics to single songs that we enjoy.  If there is a request for any songs, we fulfill those requests as well.  We also do translation from Hmong to English or from English to Hmong, but do keep in mind, we’re not professional, but proficient enough to help translate anything that’s a informal approach. 🙂

“Who are you?”
– Lets just say we’re Hmong here. We love our Hmong music, our Hmong artists, and our Hmong people.  We enjoy anything Hmong! 🙂

“what does Emmer-tt stand for?”
–  Elders can’t say the letter “N” and “M” and so they have to add the sound “er” to the end of the letter. For example, letter “M” = M’er = emmerr.  The two “TT”, just say  “Tee Tee.”  It all stands for Hmong Thailand, in Hmong it’s “Hmoob Thaib Teb.”  Ofcourse, you’re wondering where the M’er comes from.  the word Hmong, the “H” is silent leaving “mong.”  So that’s where “emmer” comes from.

We just want to say, thank you for stopping by! Do leave us a comment so we know that we are of service to you! 😀 thank you!  Come again! 😀