My apologies

Sorry everyone, especially those that have made requests.  I’ve been just busy doing my own things and havent’ had the chance to really sit down and post up requests and music.  With General Vang Pao’s death, school starting, a brand new year, it’s just hectic trying to figure things out so that i can really start my year.  Now that it’s settle down a bit, I’ll be slowly posting up requests.  With a lot of crashes on my various technologies, I have transfer all my music onto CD’s so that if my computer or my hard drive or anything crashes, I have my CD’s for my music.  So do bare with me as i look through them and see which one pops up first.  With that said, I will have to rip it for you, So don’t mind me.  I should really go back and just leave my music on my laptop, hard drive, but i hate wasting money on such if they keep crashing.  Like my pop says, “Technologies, no matter how much you care for them or treat them, they will come crashing down on you at anytime for no apparent reason.” And i find it true too.

Anyways, music requests will be up  shortly. Sorry for the delay, My apologies. 😦  I will have them up and running for those that have requested the songs. 🙂